Send a contact from HubSpot to external source for verification

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This workflow is ideal when you need to get information verified by an external source back into HubSpot, and you want to cut down the manual process as much as possible.


  • A custom property is updated by the sales team and this triggers the zap to
  • Send the contact details to a new row in a Google sheet.
  • This is then sent manually for verification to an external provider.
  • That provider sends update of verification to a new row row on a different Google sheet and
  • A zap detects this new row and zaps the verification result back to the contact record in HubSpot.
  • This updated property then triggers a workflow which branches into verification approved “Yes” or “No” .
  • “Yes” branch then moves the deal stage and the
  • “No” branch sends an internal email to admin.

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