Trigger workflow in HubSpot when Stripe payment is received


This workflow is a great way to start a process of communication (text/emails) once payment is confirmed as ‘received’ in Stripe.
And the communication could be to a customer themselves, and/or to your internal team.

This process was recently implemented for one of our HubSpot Growth PRO clients.


  1. When an invoice is paid in Stripe 
  2. A zap creates a row on a google spreadsheet, and Zapier detects that a new row has been created, and 
  3. Sends a zap to HubSpot to update the property for that contact to  “Invoice Paid”. This update to the property is the trigger for a workflow in HubSpot, which
  4. Sends a text to the customer via an integration with Sakari, and
  5. The deal stage is moved to closed won, and 
  6. An internal email is sent to the admin team.

Mikes workflow (final for blog)

Next steps:

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