10 HubSpot Sales tools and tips to boost productivity

The most important thing for a company is to sell and all efforts of a company revolve around increasing sales to grow their business. Sales are not only possible with the calls or physical visits, especially if you want to keep your sales high and be among the top.

The expert in sales and marketing of the modern world knows the importance of digital marketing. Remember, digital marketing does not just mean advertising over the Internet, but it means using the tools that are available for sale over the Internet.

With the right tools and effective strategies, your sales and leads can be increased, along with increased productivity. This article is about tools and sales tips that HubSpot also recommends and help your brand grow thoroughly.

HubSpot tools for sales productivity:

1. HubSpot sales platform

This is a sales tool from HubSpot that provides a platform for professionals to sell their products faster with the built-in suites. Integration with the sales combo and CRM gives you the capabilities to track customer contacts, businesses, businesses, and tasks. Also, you can track the performance of your sales team using the reporting provided by the HubSpot sales platform.

10 HubSpot Sales Tools to improve productivity 1

This sales tool is more about manual data entry because it was time-consuming and therefore took up more time. This automatic tool is the best option for you to increase your sales productivity.

2. HubSpot E-Mail Scheduling Tool

If you are a marketer or analyst, you may know how important email marketing is to the rapid growth of the business. Of course, email marketing is an old trick, but it is still effective and can be beneficial to a business if tried in the right way.

HubSpot's email scheduling tool is another tool that is available online for free. According to popular marketing professionals, if you send an email to the right audience at the right time, then you get the opportunity to increase the success rate. The email scheduling tool can be integrated into Gmail, where you can schedule your emails directly from Gmail.

3. Gamifier

The main purpose of this tool is to motivate the sales team and in this way, the brand can achieve its sales goals. Gamification motivates the sales team to increase their productivity and cultivate good habits. Remember, this tool is integrated with CRM, a tool from HubSpot.

4. Ciara

This is an effective tool to improve customer relations by streamlining the sales of your customers. This tool streamlines the sales conversation between brand representatives and customers by recording and summarizing the conversations, through the automation process that also conducts the conversation by giving the playbook when the call is active. 

This tool helps the customer representative maintain the structure of the process to properly talk to his customers. For example, if the customer asks a specific question about the brand, the team member can see the structure to answer the question.

5. Deeploop

This sales tool is another effective product for marketers and business owners, but it is not a free tool. This tool is becoming a necessity for any business in this modern world because it is entirely based on artificial intelligence. 

AI in this sales tool can automatically process the planning of your meetings, follow-up actions, the automatic addition of information to CRM, and other administrative controls that take time and require human attention.

Tips to increase productivity for sales

6. Write Unique Product Description

People who buy online believe more in the description of the products than in the visuals displayed. However, the product description should be so convincing and inviting to the customer that the public should believe in your products for buying.

10 HubSpot Sales Tools to improve productivity 2

Writing unique and engaging content, however, is not a difficult task. HubSpot always says that you should write directly about the product, in a natural and conversational tone. Like HubSpot, search engines such as Google recommend writing content that is readable by seventh-grade students.

To write engaging content, you should focus on the features and functionality of the product, while writing about why the customer chooses this product.

One of the other major problems with the production of branded content is copying content from other websites, which is completely illegal in the sense of HubSpot and Google because it does not acknowledge the efforts of the original author.

One of the ways to stay away from this is to use the authentic plagiarism checker with percentage, which scans and compares your content from what is published on the Internet so that you can avoid any kind of punishment and plagiarism.

7. Proper sales training

The strategies for sales never remain the same, because different tactics are coming into this modern world. To keep up with the trend, the brand needs a sales session with popular and effective marketing companies. In this way, your brand is upgraded and the position among the competitors is stabilized.

Sales training involves dealing with a customer and other similar methods that are based on the standard. Selling a product is a skill, and to improve this skill, the sessions are very effective, while the sales team gets more opportunities to show off their talent after the meeting.

Furthermore, the training helps the brand to communicate its mission and vision to its team. Usually, the brand tells how it wants to sell its products, how it wants to market its services, and to which target audience it wants to sell.

If a sales target is communicated to the team in the session, the team can do its best with its talent, hard work, skills, and productivity, and the session will do the same to provide it with more skills, ideas, and increased productivity.

8. Track the sales trend

This strategy is one of the most important for any company because, without it, it is just like the studies without testing. Many of the popular companies have special analysis departments of their sales and other teams.

10 HubSpot Sales Tools to improve productivity 3

Tracking the sales team is not a difficult task; you only need to report regularly on each team member's sales. Some of the other benefits of tracking performance are mentioned below:

  • Tracking the performance of the sales team gives you insight into managing the budget for your marketing.
  • The analyses will help you to know the progress of the members individually.
  • By tracking your performance, you can get an idea of which campaigns are successful and which are not. In this way, you can stop effective campaigns.
  • The analyses inform you about the important part of your sales, as well as the parts where you need more products to increase your sales.

9. Increasing the quality of leads

Instead of quantity, you should focus on the quality of leads, which is one of the most important parts of sales. The best way to increase your quality leads is to train your sales staff to enable them to check the leads according to the standard and lead qualification system.

However, some other factors need to be taken into account when growing your leads. Just as you need to see the location of the company because an unsuitable market will never let you grow your business.

You should always follow the leads according to your market and your business. For example, you need to see the gender that is familiar with your services and your brand, while always finding the target audience rather than focusing on a random audience.

10. Participate in Digital Marketing

We all know the importance of digital marketing in today's world because it is much more effective than traditional marketing. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, as more than half of the world's population is active in the digital world.

10 HubSpot Sales Tools to improve productivity 4

Digital marketing also has several things to consider, as mentioned below:

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing means advertising and being present on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram. Social media platforms give you more opportunities to perform well than it can help you to advertise by paying. Social media is also a better place to connect with your audience.

Search Engine Optimization: The concept is to place your site at the top of the search engine results page. Several factors continue to feed into SEO, such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, speed optimization, and much more. All of these factors increase the compatibility of the site with the search engine.


In addition to increasing productivity, you need some marketing tools that let you know what the sales team is doing. Besides, these tools make your brand consistent as when planning an email for customers. Most of the above tools are free, while the tips mentioned are effective and help increase your sales on the nights.

If you are successful in making these strategies effective to your brand, it would help you to bring more traffic, increase your permanent customers, increase the quality of leads as well as increase in the amount of sales. Moreover, you should also consider of adding the strategies that is according to your business.