Sigma 3 Kitchens Case Study

Sigma 3 Case Study 

Sigma 3 Kitchens is a family-run manufacturer and retailer of bespoke kitchens. The business started in 1975 when the founder, Brian Lakin, started making kitchens for his family and friends in a barn in Barry, South Wales. The company is proud of its Welsh heritage and has experienced continuous growth. Its 80,000-square-foot factory, which employs over 200 people, is close to where the company started.

The Challenges for Sigma 3

Sigma 3 Kitchens has six retail showrooms and 140 independent retailers that the company supplies with products. The company wanted to create a more efficient marketing support system to help boost consumer lead generation.

The marketing team was using Pardot as their marketing automation tool. However, Pardot needed a lot of customisation. Sigma 3 Kitchens wanted to use an out-of-the-box solution which was accessible to the whole team and required little customisation.

The company always has to consider the impact of managing long sales cycles. For kitchens, the process can last up to three months. Consequently, there are many touchpoints to manage throughout the customer journey.

Sigma 3 Kitchens wanted to create a better way to manage their attribution to determine the best ways to convert their leads and sales. It would then help the company deploy more effective email campaigns and create better calls to action on the website.

The Solution Provided by PYB

Sigma 3 Kitchens had considered different options, such as other Salesforce or Adobe products. However, HubSpot ticked all the boxes for what they needed in a marketing automation solution.

HubSpot’s CRM needed to be compatible with its new ERP system while also being compatible with the company’s old system. Tom Adams, the Digital Marketing Manager from Sigma 3 Kitchens, said that Elisa, from Plus Your Business (PYB), was amazing in detailing and explaining how to manage the whole process.

Elisa created a structure for all the properties and contact properties - creating some additional CRM architecture. PYB then extracted the data from Pardot and put it into HubSpot.

The whole process of migrating data into HubSpot went by without any issues or data loss. From there, Sigma 3 Kitchens could sync the data between the new ERP system currently being rolled out and the one they were already using.

The data now syncs between both systems without hitches. Elisa's handling of the whole process effectively gave Tom peace of mind, as this was one of the areas he was most concerned about.

Lead Generation Management

The leads generated from the showrooms are now in two different categories in HubSpot: 1) Leads from when somebody goes into the showroom and expresses interest in a product, and 2) Leads that are for the showroom that comes via the website. (These could be from a brochure request or an appointment request).

These leads comprise the lion's share of the leads that come into the business. The company is not only converting more of these leads, but the amount the company sells to these leads via digital marketing has increased by 10% year on year.

PYB helped Sigma3 achieve this result by improving customer email communication in the sales funnel for the 60-day sales cycle. Using HubSpot, Sigma 3 can now re-engage customers using the workflow feature:

sigma 1

Positive Attribution and Lead Generation Results

Sigma 3 Kitchens now has access to an easy way for the company to manage attribution using HubSpot. Previously, the company had struggled to use Pardot because of how the forms worked in the system.

For example, when somebody fills in a form using the Pardot system, it redirects the user somewhere else and then back to the website. This ineffective process meant the company lost approximately 40% of attribution data.

sigma 2

Although it is a relatively new process using HubSpot in this way, only 7% of data is not attributed. This small amount is related to users not accepting cookies. The company now has a better view of attribution and has been able to substantially reduce its costs.

Clear Market Growth for Sigma 3 Kitchens

The company constantly monitors the market demand for kitchens. The marketing team tracks Bing, Google, and Pinterest searches for the products and services that Sigma 3 Kitchens supplies. It also showed that these searches had gone down by 28% since 2022.

However, regarding lead generation performance, HubSpot data shows that Sigma 3 Kitchens leads are going up 10% year on year. It means the company is managing to beat the downward trend in the market. Also, the company has not spent any extra money to achieve this positive result.

Using the Marketing Budget in the Right Place

Tom said one of the company's most significant wins is directing the marketing budget to areas that would work better. Sigma 3 Kitchens did not have access to this data before using HubSpot.

The company is gaining market share because it has better insights and attribution from HubSpot. Sigma3 can tweak campaigns and redirect the marketing budget into the right places.

The Impact of the Solution for Sigma 3 Kitchens

Sigma 3 Kitchens now better understands its leads and how it can interact with its customers to convert more sales. Based on HubSpot's accurate data, the marketing team can also take a more strategic approach.

Although the company has only been using HubSpot since last year, they’ve already noticed positive results. Tom Adams explained the impact that HubSpot has had on the company, saying,

The Marketing Enterprise Hub from HubSpot helps you really understand your marketing campaigns. This information helps you to get a better ROI out of them.

An Unexpected Bonus

The Marketing Hub Enterprise from HubSpot has also allowed Sigma3 to create highly targeted direct mail campaigns. While digital marketing currently comprises 90% of the marketing department’s business processes, a small portion of print or traditional marketing still exists.

sigma 3

Using data from HubSpot, the company has been able to direct postal campaigns to postcodes that meet the geodemographics of their target customer persona. Additionally, they were able to use QR codes in these postal campaigns.

The company built lists from these campaigns and generated further leads from this type of marketing. This was an unexpected bonus the company had not anticipated, and it gave them an understanding of how successful their offline print campaigns actually were.

The Future with HubSpot

While Sigma 3 Kitchens already finds HUGE benefits from using HubSpot, the company plans to use it more after its ERP integration. Tom believes they are “barely scratching the surface at the moment”, and the potential of using the Sales hub will also help to improve business processes even further…

"Knowledge, friendly & responsive. Highly recommended!"


After choosing HubSpot as our new marketing automation platform we faced a big challenge migrating our existing data, restructuring it to coincide with a new ERP system, and then learning how to make the most of out of HubSpot. Elisa and Martin were the perfect team to set us on our way with their excellent Marketing Onboarding service. Elisa took on the challenge with enthusiasm and was able to successfully set up our CRM, migrate our data and give us advice on how to get the most out of the platform. Highly recommended!

Tom Adams
Digital Marketing Manager, Sigma 3 Kitchens