10 Free Online Marketing Classes to Take at HubSpot Academy

Are you looking to boost your skills and stand out with knowledge about social media and online marketing tools? You can access a wealth of info on HubSpot to gain a leg up for your business and your career. There’s been plenty of debate about the online courses offered with Kaplan vs Princeton, but nothing beats getting free access to quick, easy access to the learning material you’ve been searching for.

Improve Your Business and Marketing

HubSpot has a lot of free courses and certifications that range from social media management to coding your own website. If you’re looking to brush up on your web-development skills or curious about how to use social media as part of your marketing plan, check out some of these courses below.

1. Taking Your Business Online with HubSpot

If you’re in the process of taking your business to the web, there’s a lot of ground to cover to make sure the transition is smooth and doesn’t leave gaps in the service you provide. This course gives you several tools and strategies to orient that process.

You can learn how to connect with your customers through personalized videos and images, signatures, and quotes. You’ll also learn how to create a calling system that your sales reps can use for inbound and outbound calls, to make sure you stay connected with the people you serve.

2. How to Build a Website on Wordpress with Elementor

Website design can be daunting, and if you wing it, you run the risk of creating something unprofessional. This is a course that’s designed to help you set up your site through Wordpress. It shows you how to combine tools from HubSpot and Elementor to create a platform that looks clean and invites customers to stay. You can learn more about Elementor here.

3. SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth

SEO is the basis for a business’s success online. This course shows you how to evaluate the current SEO of your website. You then learn how to improve it using backlinks and topic clusters to teach Google what searches your website is relevant to. There are also some tips about how to utilize blogging as an SEO tool.

4. Graphic Design: Easy Steps for Creating Your Own Compelling Visuals

First impressions are everything, which is why the look and feel of your website has a lot to do with customer engagement. This course is focused on how to leverage your graphic design. It teaches you how to manage the graphic content on your site to stay interesting, but easy on the eyes.

If you’re looking for information on color schemes and composition, this course can teach you that. It’s led by expert instructors from Digital Marketing Institute who share their own strategies for success by relying on a consistent style guide for your brand.

5. How to Build a Paid Marketing Strategy

Paid media marketing can be an invaluable asset to any business. It helps promote growth and drives customer engagement. If you’re interested in learning how to create a well-rounded strategy, this course can teach you the skills you need.

The material teaches you how to plan and how to budget for advertising with the funds you have at your disposal. It also gives useful info on how to optimize your marketing to save time and money where you can.

6. Getting Started with Google Ads

Google Ads can be a great way for an online business to reach more people. If you’re not familiar with how to navigate ads and set them up in a way that will benefit your business, this is a course that can help you out. It teaches you basic functionality and how it can improve inbound marketing.

7. Building Your First Google Ads Campaign

Once you’ve mastered the basics, there’s still plenty more to learn. When you’re ready to launch your first ad campaign with Google, you can go through this quick course for more advanced tips. If you’re ready to start browsing through the Ads section and familiarizing yourself with the layout, you can visit the Google Ads page here.

8. How to Grow Your Organic Facebook Reach

Facebook is such a widely utilized platform that it makes sense to find customers there. Just building a page for your website won’t bring customers to you. This is a course that can teach you to set up Facebook pages and groups that will help the right people discover your business.

9. The Power of Networking and Engagement

This course work is focused on explaining why Twitter has become such an important staple in marketing campaigns. If you’re new to Twitter or don’t understand how to use it for your business, there’s a lot of good information contained in this brief course.

You’ll be taught about the open lines of communication and how to find people who love your business. As the marketing landscape changes, you’ll want to learn how to use this social media platform to benefit your business.

10. Your Ticket to Twitter Content That Attracts, Engages, and Delights

Once you’ve learned the basics of Twitter and how it can help your business, you need to craft Twitter content that works. With more than 300 million users on Twitter, but less than 300 characters at your disposal, it’s nice to have some tips on what to say. This course can teach you the most effective ways to combine your message and graphics to suit your needs.

If you’re ready to improve your skillset and take your business further, these are some excellent courses to start with. That’s the great list of courses, linked straight to HubSpot academy for your convenience.

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